Kaminario VisionOS

Resource Virtualization

Software-Driven Architecture

Kaminario VisionOS is a resource virtualization utility and framework for delivering enterprise-class data services. VisionOS runs on industry-standard hardware or public cloud IaaS resources to deliver enterprise-class data services within a highly flexible scale-out shared resource framework.

Software-Driven Data Services

Kaminario VisionOS decouples the delivery of data services from underlying infrastructure resources – whether physical or cloud-based. Based on a highly flexible architecture, Kaminario can scale out to add performance or scale up to add capacity.  This unique approach is substantially more flexible than conventional physical infrastructure (i.e. storage arrays) while delivering enterprise-class data services not available from pubic cloud offerings.



With industry-leading data reduction including advanced compression and de-duplication, Kaminario VisionOS-powered environments lead the industry in capacity and cost efficiency.



Native snapshot and replication utilities allow customers to return to any point in time. Data-at-rest AES256 encryption makes sure that data is kept private and safe at all times.



Kaminario is managed via intuitive web GUI, fully scriptable CLI, and a set of programmable RESTful APIs. SNMP and Syslog enable system data access for monitoring and reporting.



RESTful API allows for integration with external applications and frameworks including  VMware vSphere and LogInsight, Microsoft VSS, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Cisco UCS director.

Software-Driven Efficiency

Kaminario VisionOS is packed with data reduction technology to deliver industry-leading capacity efficiency – even compared to traditional storage appliances.  Industry leading RAID efficiency, in-line selective de-duplication, highly efficient compression, and thin provisioning all work to maximize data efficiency and maximize economic return.

Software-Driven Performance

Kaminario VisionOS incorporates innovative I/O management algorithms that dynamically respond to changing workloads, adapting the read and write block sizes based on the workload.  This capability is key to delivering consistent high performance in complex workload environments – including running real-time analytics on production databases.

Software-Driven Simplicity

Kaminario VisionOS is a 6th generation, enterprise-proven software stack built to run on industry-standard hardware resources or public cloud IaaS resources. Kaminario VisionOS is built for simplicity, agility, and extensibility – with no compromises on performance or availability.

Software-Driven Economics

Kaminario partners with industry-leading hardware providers and public cloud offerings to certify a set of reference configurations for physical or cloud-based implementations.  The result is a highly reliable, ultra-scalable, and extremely capable platform ready to support the needs of modern datacenters.

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“Excellent Value, Reliability, and Simplicity"

Industry: Communications
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: 30B+ USD