Learn how SSI delivered a 10X performance improvement for their customers with Kaminario. Combined with deduplication, compression, data encryption, and a modest cost, Kaminario was their obvious choice.

Case Study



Business Challenges

SaaS application performance
Data encryption
Management complexity
Cost – equipment, maintenance, space, energy



10x increase in performance
Smooth capacity growth
Dedup, compression, and data encryption
Excellent support

SSI, a SaaS-based healthcare billing solution, gets speed, security and savings – demonstrating 10x performance increase and 90% cost reduction by moving to Kaminario

Why Kaminario

SSI purchased 200TB of Kaminario storage for their production databases. The immediate result was a 10X performance improvement. Data compression and deduplication help manage capacity, and the built-in encryption handles the data-at-rest requirements of HIPAA.

Shortly after their initial purchase, SSI took advantage of Kaminario’s non-disruptive scalability to increased their total capacity to 1.2PB. All their critical data moved to the platform, followed by additional web applications and web servers.