Achieving SQL Server High Availability with Kaminario K2

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Executive Summary

The Kaminario K2 all-flash storage array is built to support modern workloads that require efficient use of resources, high performance, and flexibility in scale. Virtualized environments that are used to increase the utilization of servers and increase productivity are an ideal workload for the K2’s all-flash architecture. One such environment is SQL Server deployed via VMware vSphere using ESXi. Kaminario has a unique value proposition for this implementation and it is recommended that best practices and reference guides are followed in order to maximize capacity and performance efficiencies.

This white paper highlights the several options available to achieve high availability (HA) of SQL Server instances and databases. The Kaminario K2 has several built-in methodologies to ensure HA. Each one is covered in detailing this white paper.

The document also includes examples and screenshots that facilitate easy understanding of the different settings and clearly demonstrates the tradeoffs between different options of configurations. Content in this document is quite technical and is intended to be used by pre-sales engineers, system and storage administrators, and customers who want to deploy SQL Server on the Kaminario K2 with VMware ESXi environments.