Soccour Solutions

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Business Solutions Provider with Oil & Gas Client

Business Challenges

Needed flexible SaaS solution that met high-performance requirements



40-60% faster performance

Soccour Solution's Story

Soccour Solutions is a Dallas-based Business Solutions Provider. One of its clients creates seismic and geological interpretation software for the oil and gas industry. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic requiring more workers stay home, the client wanted to offer the flexibility of a SaaS solution that could run on AWS, while still offering the high-performance needed for the software’s 3D visualization demands and high volumes of data.

With Kaminario on AWS, the software ran 40-60% faster than it had on-premises physical workstations. In addition, Kaminario on AWS offered 400MB/s versus the 1.6MB/s maximum speed Soccour Solutions was able to achieve with native AWS. The additional burst of speed means that software users will be able to see the results of oil and gas explorations faster and allow excavations to get underway quickly to meet market demands.