VMware Storage Management Simplified

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VMWare Storage Management Simplified

The Kaminario K2 all-flash array is used to host various environments in the datacenter. Virtualized environments, that are used to increase the utilization of servers and increase productivity, are a leading use case. VMware vSphere is a great example of a virtual environment that is able to take advantage of what the K2 all-flash array has to offer.

This webinar focuses on Kaminario’s integration with VMware vSphere 6. Join the Kaminario team to earn about:

• Kaminario K2’s integration with VMWare ESXi

• VAAI support

• Best practices for VMware Native-Multipathing (NMP)

• K2 integration with vCenter, Site Recovery Manager and Log Insight

Todd Carrier

Infrastructure Database Administrator, Clearwater Analytics

“Having a single unified dashboard to monitor all of our storage arrays is invaluable for capacity and performance trend analysis. Kaminario Clarity gives us rich analytical insight in an intuitive and coherent manner.”

Eric Burgener

Research Director, IDC

For an increasing number of real-time big data analytics and extremely high performance database environments, NVMe technology is already needed to meet latency, throughput, and/or bandwidth requirements. But Kaminario’s application of this technology to also offer composability with very high speed data mobility is an NVMe use case that is much more broadly applicable to a larger variety of workloads today.

Ben Woo

Principal Analyst, Infrastructure & the Cloud

Kaminario has demonstrated leadership in leveraging NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics. The advancement of the software-defined K2 powered by VisionOS, now with NVMe SSDs, unified NVMe over fabrics, a new orchestration, automation and analytics layer is the Composable Storage of the future. K2.N and Flex will bring the agility of infrastructure-as-a-service environments coupled with extreme performance of shared accelerated storage to private- and hybrid-cloud data centers.”