SAP Database and Kaminario K2


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Eliminate I/O Bottlenecks

The several different operations performed by databases can stress its underlying server and storage infrastructure.  Growing data volumes and compute-intensive applications push databases to their limit, often causing a bottleneck and increasing response time to users.

A study on the performance of hundreds of applications released by Kaminario showed 90% of slow database performance was attributed to storage bottlenecks. SAP application workloads are known to stress storage and create I/O bottlenecks. Accelerating storage performance (and thus database performance) is crucial to success.

This white paper will help the reader answer the following questions:

  • Does my SAP application suffer from I/O-related performance problems?
  • What is the Kaminario K2?
  • How can Kaminario K2 accelerate my SAP database performance?

James Price, Director of Product Development, Clearwater Analytics

“Our number one factor was the cost/GB. We felt that many of the pure flash arrays were either too costly or not production worthy. Kaminario impressed us as being both enterprise ready and cost effective.”

David Schlaifer, CEO, DAShealth™

“You can focus on metrics all you want, but at the end of the day in our business it is customer satisfaction that matters. Kaminario enabled us to deliver lightning fast performance to our customers: physicians serving their patients.”

Eric Burgener

Research Director, IDC

For an increasing number of real-time big data analytics and extremely high performance database environments, NVMe technology is already needed to meet latency, throughput, and/or bandwidth requirements. But Kaminario’s application of this technology to also offer composability with very high speed data mobility is an NVMe use case that is much more broadly applicable to a larger variety of workloads today.