Kaminario For Private Cloud Data Sheet

A New Paradigm for Shared Storage


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Kaminario for the Private Cloud

Kaminario delivers a true shared services experience running on private cloud infrastructure. With the backend based on iSCSI, FC, and converged Ethernet NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeOF), Kaminario’s key scale-out shared data services are delivered in the form of VisionOS, Clarity, and Flex. Kaminario delivers industry-leading data reduction and native data protection powered by VisionOS, advanced machine learning and infrastructure intelligence through Clarity, and resource automation and orchestration through Flex.

Kaminario is able to deliver the exact level of performance and capacity needed for workloads by enabling users to compose resources comprised of any number of Compute Nodes (c.nodes) and Capacity/Media Nodes (m.nodes).