Growth, Scalability, Performance, and Cost

Case Study



Business Challenges

Effective storage scalability of both performance, and capacity.



Sub-millisecond latency
Savings in space, energy
Operational simplicity
Ease of performance & capacity scalability

Payoneer's Story

Payoneer delivers a cross-border payments platform for international money transfers in 150 currencies, serving four million users. Business was growing rapidly. Their commitment to all users was a platform with absolute high performance and scalability. That meant reliance on a storage platform that could easily scale up and out. They chose Kaminario. The result was sub-millisecond response times, simple capacity expansion, competitive cost, and ease of operation. Kaminario provided the solid foundation they needed to sustain both business growth and customer satisfaction.

Yaron Weiss

VP IT Operations, Payoneer

“We were looking for an all-flash storage platform that could deliver mixed workload performance for business intelligence, transaction processing, and NoSQL workloads. We chose Kaminario because it supports our data center strategy. We gain tremendous value from Kaminario’s scalability model. Now, we can continue to grow capacity while ensuring consistent sub-1ms latency without ever doing a forklift upgrade. That’s an immense advantage.”