Kaminario and Broadcom

Providing a solution to meet the demands of Cloud Data Centers

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Delivering Cloud-scale Performance

This white paper dives into the joint solution provided by Kaminario and Broadcom to meet the extreme demands of cloud-scale data centers. The solution is built around Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array, Broadcom’s Emulex Gen 6 Fibre Channel (FC) HBAs and Brocade’s Gen 6 FC storage network switches.

VMware VDI on Kaminario K2

Cobb Electric Membership Corporation adopts Kaminario’s next generation all flash storage platform to realize the performance, scalability, and simplicity of the all flash data center.  

Consolidated Container, a leading developer and manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging solutions, gains IS operational simplicity and future-proof performance with Kaminario K2.

Howard Marks


Kaminario’s K2.N demonstrates how fast the storage industry moves, just a year after the standardization of NVMe over fabrics K2.N leverages NVMEoF’s to create an ultra-low latency scaleable storage fabric. Since K2.N extends Kaminario’s VisionOS to support NVMEoF customers don’t have to choose between networked NVMe’s performance and data services as they would with many of the startup’s more limited or proprietary systems. With the addition of Kaminario Flex, K2.N will become a completely composable system allowing users to orchestrate controllers and NVMe JBOF storage dynamically into virtual arrays for almost unlimited flexibility and efficiency.