Kaminario K2 for OpenStack and MongoDB

Reference Architecture

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Kaminario K2 Reference Architecture for OpenStack and MongoDB

This reference architecture covers Kaminario K2’s benefits for OpenStack environments running virtualized servers, with MongoDB as the hosted application infrastructure.

Detailed performance and scalability test results are provided for a range of OpenStack operations, showing that K2 performs well under different types of MongoDB workloads with no degradation in performance or efficiency.

Best Practices and high-level installation steps are also covered in the report, detailing the process to deploy such an environment.

Kevin Folks

IT manager, Wargaming Seattle

“Simply put, Kaminario K2 all-flash-based storage solution performed admirably. It’s simple to manage, and significantly reduced the iteration time of our application development cycle, and improved the efficiency of several disk-limited build and deployment services that are critical to our studio.”

Scentsy’s growth as an online retailer depended on their ability to cost-efficiently scale a high performance infrastructure.  They chose Kaminario.

Joe Little

OnSolve, IT director

“We were looking for a partner, not a just a vendor, and we found that with Kaminario.”