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Kaminario Financial Services

The Financial Services Industry (FSI) is the backbone of economic activity and growth around the world. Investments – primarily equites and fixed income, aka stocks and bonds, Banking – demand and savings accounts and the ability to transfer funds, and Insurance – for both risk management and investment, enable governments, businesses and individuals to not only conduct their activities, but to grow and to improve quality of life. Keeping up with the pace of data and transaction growth is the ultimate challenge for financial services as technological, demographical and geographical forces drive change in the industry.

SSI, a SaaS-based healthcare billing solution, gets speed, security and savings – demonstrating 10x performance increase and 90% cost reduction by moving to Kaminario

Exchange Solutions, a SaaS provider of credit card loyalty programs,  cut overall response times by half and storage platform response times by 80%

SaaS based electronic health record provider, DAS Health turns to Kaminario to accelerate application performance and turn user experience into competitive advantage