NVMe Performance Enables Storage Infrastructure Composability

An IDC Whitepaper


IDC's Take on the Future Datacenter

The concept of open systems composability was first introduced with server virtualization back in the early 2000s, but while this provided the agility needed for compute, supporting storage infrastructures did not provide this same level of flexibility. IDC sees a future in which all resource components of the enterprise infrastructure — compute, memory, storage, and networking — become equally composable, allowing customers to dynamically create servers that meet their requirements from logical pools of resources that are not limited by physical constraints.

Kaminario has announced its intent to deliver a fully composable enterprise storage infrastructure layer, called Kaminario Flex, that promises to optimize the agility with which storage resources are allocated, expanded, and/or deallocated. This approach will improve service and availability levels, allow storage to be more closely tailored to the exact needs of individual applications, and allow for much more efficient use of storage resources unfettered by the limits of physical configuration.