Kaminario: Innovating Beyond Scale-Up and Scale-Out Flash Architectures

An IDC Vendor Profile

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IDC Vendor Profile - Kaminario: Innovating Beyond Scale-Up and Scale-Out Flash Architectures

Flash storage, especially all-flash arrays (AFA), has been a hotly contested topic recently.  According to IDC’s European External Storage Tracker, all-flash systems grew 96% YoY in the first quarter of 2016. In contrast, the traditional hard disk array segment declined 23% in user value while hybrid flash arrays grew at a more modest 4%.

IDC identified Kaminario as one of the first entrants into the AFA market to combine both scale-up and scaleout architectures into a single system to provide flexibility in terms of both capacity expansion and system reconfiguration.

SharkNinja, an innovative retailer of small home goods, consolidates data centers, saves licensing cost and increases flexibility – delivering over 50% improvement in analytics performance.

Elad Gotfrid

Director of Production IT, eToro

“We see Kaminario as superior in technology. Performance was a big factor in our decision but so was the pricing model. Our ROI assessment includes variable block size, compression, deduplication and readiness for future scalability. Kaminario is simply the complete package.”

James Price, Director of Product Development, Clearwater Analytics

“Our number one factor was the cost/GB. We felt that many of the pure flash arrays were either too costly or not production worthy. Kaminario impressed us as being both enterprise ready and cost effective.”