Storage Infrastructure for the Modern SaaS Business

An IDC Vendor Whitepaper

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Bring your SaaS Infrastructure from Now to Next

Vendors delivering cloud software to their customers have a very specific set of infrastructure requirements, and this has implications for the underlying storage. Competition is fierce in this space, and cost is a key purchase criterion for end users. As a result, vendors need to provide a cost-effective, scalable infrastructure that delivers enterprise-class services.

This IDC whitepaper focuses on:

  • Growth drivers and inhibitors for SaaS companies
  • How to identify current and future challenges for SaaS providers
  • How to adequately scope and optimize cloud storage infrastructures

Elad Gotfrid

Director of Production IT, eToro

“We see Kaminario as superior in technology. Performance was a big factor in our decision but so was the pricing model. Our ROI assessment includes variable block size, compression, deduplication, guaranteed capacity and readiness for future scalability. K2 is simply the complete package.”

James Price, Director of Product Development, Clearwater Analytics

“Our number one factor was the cost/GB. We felt that many of the pure flash arrays were either too costly or not production worthy. Kaminario impressed us as being both enterprise ready and cost effective.”

John Feldkamp

SVP, IT Services, Allant Group

“With Kaminario developers and customers can now spend less time working around slower disk and latency concerns. This gives us more options when it comes to scheduling work and end user activity.”