Consumption-based Infrastructure: A Game Changer

Consumption based infrastructure is a growing trend in IT. Read this Gartner newsletter and learn how Kaminario Storage as a Service platform can help you deliver economic benefits to your organization.

Changing the Way IT Deploys Enterprise-Class Infrastructure

The trend of consumption-based infrastructure has been on the growth over the last few years. This Gartner newsletter explains why consumption based pricing is a game changer. In addition, this newsletter covers topics such as:

  • Cloud-First IT Strategies
  • Utility Pricing for IT Technologies
  • The Power of Consumption-based Pricing

SharkNinja, an innovative retailer of small home goods, consolidates data centers, saves licensing cost and increases flexibility – delivering over 50% improvement in analytics performance.

WarGaming Seattle supercharges high performance application with all-flash solution from Kaminario. High performance applications, like WarGaming Seattle’s new project, have complex storage requirements with highly dynamic I/O needs.  Kaminario delivers consistent, predictable performance as I/O patterns vary.

Cobb Electric Membership Corporation adopts Kaminario’s next generation all flash storage platform to realize the performance, scalability, and simplicity of the all flash data center.