All Flash Storage Solutions for Getting from Now to Next

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From Now to Next

The applications we use in our personal lives have raised the level of expectations for the user experience in enterprise applications. How do modern IT organizations get ahead of user expectations and increasingly complex application requirements?

Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array leverages a unique software-defined architecture that delivers predictable performance, scalability and cost-efficiency—highly valued predictability for the unpredictable world of the modern datacenter.


SSI, a SaaS-based healthcare billing solution, gets speed, security and savings – demonstrating 10x performance increase and 90% cost reduction by moving to Kaminario

John Feldkamp

SVP, IT Services, Allant Group

“With Kaminario developers and customers can now spend less time working around slower disk and latency concerns. This gives us more options when it comes to scheduling work and end user activity.”

SaaS based electronic health record provider, DAS Health turns to Kaminario to accelerate application performance and turn user experience into competitive advantage