80% Improved Latency and Reduced Complexity 

Case Study



Business Challenges

Slow trading platform performance hampering business growth



80% latency improvement

33% improved capacity utilization

Lower cost for storage rack space: 40U to 8U

eToro's Story

eToro is a global social investment SaaS platform provider. To maintain customer satisfaction with their trading systems, maximum possible performance is essential. In order to support eToro’s rapid growth, while maintaining the sub-second trading performance and highest SLAs, eToro installed Kaminario. With Kaminario, eToro was able to gain 80% latency improvements while reducing operational complexities and costs.

Elad Gotfrid

Director of Production IT, eToro

“We see Kaminario as superior in technology. Performance was a big factor in our decision but so was the pricing model. Our ROI assessment includes variable block size, compression, deduplication and readiness for future scalability. Kaminario is simply the complete package.”