Discover how eToro gained 80% improved latency while reducing operational complexities and costs with Kaminario

Case Study



Business Challenges

Slow trading platform performance hampering business growth



80% latency improvement

33% improved capacity utilization

Lower cost for storage rack space: 40U to 8U

Elad Gotfrid

Director of Production IT, eToro

“We see Kaminario as superior in technology. Performance was a big factor in our decision but so was the pricing model. Our ROI assessment includes variable block size, compression, deduplication, guaranteed capacity and readiness for future scalability. K2 is simply the complete package.”

Why Kaminario

eToro’s evaluation criteria included technical innovation, performance specifications, functionality, and ROI. In particular, eToro evaluated ROI in the full context of initial price as well as included capabilities such as compression, deduplication, scalability, guaranteed capacity and potential to incorporate future technical advances in drive or processor technologies.


Kaminario was eToro’s final decision because of advantages over other alternatives in performance and ROI, as well as its ability to handle variable block size. That meant Kaminario provided the opportunity to run all workloads on a single system, eliminating additional arrays. It occupies only 8U of rack space, down from 40U, thereby adding savings in ongoing costs of power and space. All of this and the promise of future scalability in capacity and performance convinced eToro that Kaminario provided all the advantages they wanted.