Kaminario K2 Data Replication


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Kaminario K2 Data Replication Deep Dive

Data replication is an essential feature of modern shared storage arrays, delivering high levels of application availability. This report from Chris Evans from Langton Blue discusses the use of remote replication as a tool for providing data protection in enterprise environments. It explores how replication can be implemented in different ways based on requirements and physical constraints.

Maimonedes Medical Center wants to move primary data center workloads to flash, including application databases and VDI.  Kaminario delivers the flexibility  and performance consistency to manage different workloads from the same flash infrastructure.

Frederick Van Haren

Principle, HighFens Consulting

“Kaminario’s K2 provided the best combination of scalability, performance, and cost efficiency. Their architecture gives them unique capability to deliver consistently high performance in mixed workload”

SharkNinja, an innovative retailer of small home goods, consolidates data centers, saves licensing cost and increases flexibility – delivering over 50% improvement in analytics performance.