70% performance and increased customer satisfaction with Kaminario

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SaaS-based Electronic Health Records

Business Challenges

Application performance

Costs and data growth

Suffering customer satisfaction



Page refresh down from 11 to 2 seconds and IO speeds increased by 70%

Customer satisfaction improved and prospects for business growth expanded

DASHealth's Story

With wait times eliminated, performance has now become a selling point. Kaminario has provided an easy and predictable path for future storage growth. That helps DAS Health better manage Electronic Health Records so doctors can focus on patients, not IT.

At the same time, DAS Health staff are freed from answering customer complaints and can become more active in growing the business. They plan to expand customized solutions and even look at potential acquisitions. Clearly, speed matters.

SaaS based electronic health record provider, DAS Health turns to Kaminario to accelerate application performance and turn user experience into competitive advantage

David Schlaifer, CEO, DAShealth™

“You can focus on metrics all you want, but at the end of the day in our business it is customer satisfaction that matters. Kaminario enabled us to deliver lightning fast performance to our customers: physicians serving their patients.”