The Composable Future for Cloud Service Providers

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The Transformation of Enterprise IT

The IoT era has made connectivity, data, services, and applications widely available in an on-demand manner from any device, located anywhere and to any user. Traditional IT practices, such as planning for peak performance, have proved costly, inefficient, and difficult to manage when it comes to supporting an on-demand and unpredictable consumption model from end-users.

More and more enterprises are beginning to leverage cloud-based solutions that provide an ease of scalability, connectivity, and flexibility. Cloud-based solutions also enable enterprises to better manage both the CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with their IT organizations.

Organizations also look at cloud-based solutions as a means to staying relevant in an ever-competitive market. Savings achieved from transitioning to a cloud-based IT model enable businesses to focus more on initiatives such as building more engaging customer experiences and product innovations, hence driving both customer acquisition and retention.