Collective Health

No performance constraints to
limit growth with Kaminario

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Health Benefits

Business Challenges

Creating a reliable HA infrastructure as a flexible foundation for business growth

Moving off the Cloud to On-prem



Storage compression for medical images at 4:1

Data management coherence across the infrastructure stack

No performance constraints to limit growth

Collective Health's Story

Having the opportunity to build out a new infrastructure from scratch is an exciting and demanding challenge for any IT leader. Choices centered on the selection of core products that Collective Health could be confident about sticking with for the long term; products that would grow with them. Kaminario satisfied the requirements for simplicity of management, advanced product architecture, and the company coherence they wanted. “In some respects, Kaminario parallels in technology the approach we take to healthcare,” Bowie said. “It’s a complete rethinking of storage that is powerful, flexible, and simple.

Mike Bowie

IT and Facilities Lead

“The opportunity to move beyond standard solutions meant that we no longer have to make difficult decisions about how we prioritize storage for any given application. We know that the  Kaminario composable data platform will provide a solid base of infrastructure that we can build on for the future, including all the performance we will need. It means we can spend our time on things that are more meaningful for an IT team.”