How To Overcome the Challenges of Cloud Adoption

A deep-dive into the trends and hurdles to moving workloads to the cloud

Behind the Trends of Cloud Adoption

The trends show that more and more companies are moving to the cloud. Yet there are still a number of concerns with migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud, including cost management, vendor lock-in, and security.

Once they’ve made the decision to move applications to the cloud, companies are struggling to do so. The migration process is a heavy lift: either they need high-performing, scalable resources or they need to completely rearchitect their applications. In order to achieve a true multi-cloud strategy, there needs to be a common set of shared services that enable companies to deploy and migrate workloads wherever it makes sense — whether that’s on-prem or from one cloud provider to another.

This ebook will take a deep look at the trends of cloud adoption to see what workloads companies are really trusting to the cloud and review some of the major challenges of cloud adoption. It will also introduce the concept of Data Plane Virtualization as a way to accelerate customers’ journey to the cloud.

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