Clearwater Analytics

Reduced Reconciliation Load Time by 75% and Increased Reporting Load Speed by 65%

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Business Challenges

Application performance and speed; application development and QA cycle times; effective disaster recovery



75% reduced reconciliation load times

65% faster loading of long reports

Single solution for multiple applications

Improved customer satisfaction

Todd Carrier, Infrastructure Database Administrator, Clearwater Analytics

Having a single unified dashboard to monitor all of our storage arrays is invaluable for capacity and performance trend analysis. Kaminario Clarity gives us rich analytical insight in an intuitive and coherent manner

Why Kaminario?

Clearwater Analytics considered several options to address their production performance challenges. Upgrading their existing array would have been expensive and. a doubtful fix to underlying performance problems. Alternative all-flash and hybrid storage vendors were too costly, not production-worthy, or both.

Ultimately, with open and collaborative support from the Kaminiario sales team,the Kaminario K2 system was selected. The K2 provided significant performance improvements at an attractive price/GB of usable storage. The Clearwater Analytics team was also excited that diverse requirements in multiple environments could be addressed with the same storage solution.