Building a 21st Century Healthcare Datacenter

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As hospitals strive to deliver better care and control costs, they’re facingfar more than just increasing volumes of patient data. The very natureof the patient relationship, reimbursement and the use of healthcare datais undergoing fundamental change. These changes are driving the evolution of the modern healthcare datacenter. This eBook covers how the Kaminario Composable Data Platform helps healthcare institutions overcome these challenges.

SaaS based electronic health record provider, DAS Health turns to Kaminario to accelerate application performance and turn user experience into competitive advantage

Todd Portz

Technology Manager, El Rio Community Health

“We measure our technology costs in the benefits to patient care. Better performing queries that shave a few seconds mean every visit is smoother, faster, less intrusive. Time saved adds up to more people being seen, more people getting quality health care.”

Gregory S. Thomas

Vice President of IT, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.

“The Kaminario K2 enabled us to consolidate our database environment onto one fast, reliable and scalable storage system and to expand our platform to multiple application servers to respond to the increasing demands from our users.”