Kaminario Flex

Orchestration To Deliver On-Demand Scalability

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Resource Orchestration

Kaminario Flex is a data orchestration platform for managing resources in your private and public cloud environments. Flex delivers an on-demand ability to compose, optimize, manage, and decommission resources as needed to support application SLAs from within the Kaminario data plane virtualization platform. Orchestrate on-premises and cloud resources as new workloads emerge, move, and evolve over time.

Orchestrating Data Pods

Kaminario Flex is the orchestration engine for building and moving Data Pods both in private and public clouds. Flex also leverages the Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) provided by Kaminario Clarity to automatically orchestrate new compute and capacity resources, as needed to maintain SLAs.


Orchestrate Hybrid Platforms

Dynamically compose and orchestrate resources, on both private and public cloud platforms, to address capacity and performance needs.

Orchestrate Containers

Create, assign, and manage resources for containerized applications on the fly.  Leverage the Kaminario RESTful API to dynamically request and provision resources.

Orchestrate Automation

Implement cross-platform automation by incorporating analytics and optimization from Kaminario Clarity to resource management tasks based on a rules engine maintained in Kaminario Flex.