Kaminario Flex

Automate. Integrate. Orchestrate.


Orchestrated Infrastructure

Kaminario Flex is a resource orchestration platform for managing the underlying infrastructure resources of your Kaminario environment. Dynamically compose, optimize, manage, and release resources: whether physical resources in a datacenter or cloud-based resources.  Orchestrate resources as new workloads emerge, move, and evolve over time.  Scale-up. Scale-out. Scale-in. Scale-off.

Orchestrating Cloud Infrastructure

Kaminario Flex manages the infrastructure resources underlying our Data Plane Virtualization platform. This enables the ability to dynamically associate compute resources (called c.nodes) and storage resources (called m.nodes) to build virtualized instances that can leverage Kaminario’s industry-leading enterprise data services.  This enables a true enterprise-class capability with a game-changing level of flexibility.  Build and manage data management resources with a swipe of your finger or a line of code. Data Plane Virtualization is the next-generation paradigm for managing cloud-scale, business-critical applications.


Orchestrated Composability

Dynamically compose and orchestrate infrastructure resources from a shared pool of c.nodes and m.nodes – whether they be physical or cloud based.

Orchestrated Containers

Create, assign, and manage resources for containerized applications on the fly.  Leverage the Kaminario RESTful API to dynamically request data services.

Orchestrated Automation

Incorporate analytics and optimization from Clarity to automate infrastructure management tasks based on a rules engine maintained in Flex.  Realize the potential of autonomous datacenter infrastructure.

IDC Analysis: NVMe/NVMeOF and Composable Infrastructure

NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeOF) is changing the way datacenters are architected.  With networking latency between resources within the datacenter reduced to that of DAS-connected storage, shared storage can evolve beyond the notion of an array or a fixed cluster.  Kaminario Flex orchestrates resources connected on a common NVMeOF datacenter fabric to dynamically create and manage resources that come together to form a virtual storage array.