Kaminario Utility

Software and Hardware Through Consumption-Based Pricing

The Elasticity of Public Cloud For On-Premises Physical Infrastructure

Kaminario’s utility pricing model combines consumption-based software with a unique hardware acquisition model offered by Tech Data.  Customers acquire certified hardware under a pay-per-use consumption model that is metered by Kaminario Clarity.


Datacenter Infrastructure Economics Redefined

This simple, transparent acquisition model for building out physical datacenter infrastructure  is not a traditional lease and can be delivered as true OPEX.  Let your datacenter infrastructure expense flex with your business needs.



Welcome to the Age of Composable Storage

Kaminario is named a Leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant Solid State Arrays

Analyst Opinion

Eric Burgener

Research Director, IDC

“This bold move to a software-only model increases Kaminario’s appeal to a broader set of customers than before without giving up any of the advantages of the appliance-based consumption model. Kaminario worked with channel partners to craft a go-to-market strategy that ensures that customers that still want storage appliances will have the same customer experience as before, but the addition of the software-only model provides additional flexibility that offers more choice and better economics for certain other types of customers, in particular cloud service providers.”

Scott Sinclair

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

“The public cloud has changed the way that service providers must think about delivering their own as-a-service offerings.  Service providers that want to be viable five years from now need to craft software-defined datacenter strategies that can compete with, or augment, AWS.”