Kaminario Appliance

The Backbone of your Application Infrastructure

Kaminario delivers industry-leading performance, scalability, and cost efficiency for application infrastructure.  Pre-integrated hardware-software appliances simplify the process of building infrastructure.  Implementations can scale up or out based on the needs of your environment.



Rethink Datacenter Infrastructure

Kaminario ranked in the top three products for all use cases in Gartner’s 2018 Critical Capabilities for Solid State Arrays

Understanding Kaminario TCO

Independent analysis from Enterprise Strategy Group demonstrates the economic potential of thinking differently about all flash storage.  Kaminario’s unique architecture enables IT organizations to save 30-50% in TCO relative to traditional storage array architectures.

Michael Rice

Enterprise Architect, Ent Credit Union

Part of my job is looking at what’s next. Our spinning disk arrays were running out of space and application performance had become totally unacceptable. All-flash technology offered a solution, and our POC proved that Kaminario was the best choice.

Exchange Solutions, a SaaS provider of credit card loyalty programs,  cut overall response times by half and platform response times by 80%

Kevin Folks

IT manager, Wargaming Seattle

“Simply put, Kaminario K2 all-flash-based storage solution performed admirably. It’s simple to manage, and significantly reduced the iteration time of our application development cycle, and improved the efficiency of several disk-limited build and deployment services that are critical to our studio.”