Rethink Your Business-Critical Data Infrastructure


Learn how Kaminario’s Data Virtualization Platform Competes with Traditional Infrastructure.

Flexible Acquisition Models

Kaminario’s Data Virtualization Platform changes the game for building high performing mission-critical application infrastructure.

Acquisition Flexibility: OPEX or CAPEX

Kaminario provides IT organizations the flexibility to align infrastructure costs to their business model.  Our consumption-based licensing can be packaged as CAPEX, OPEX, or as a service – depending on customers’ business priorities.  Whatever the model, Kaminario’s software-based approach leads the industry in cost efficiency.

All-In Pricing

We believe in simple, transparent pricing. The Kaminario software platform includes all three Kaminario software technologies: Kaminario VisionOS, Kaminario Clarity, and Kaminario Flex. Plus, customers receive full access to all features in all three products.


“Excellent Value, Reliability, and Simplicity"

Industry: Communications
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: 30B+ USD