Storage as a Service for Business-Critical Data

Kaminario All Flash Storage Array


Learn how Kaminario’s composable storage platform competes with traditional storage arrays.

Flexible Acquisition Models

Kaminario’s software composable architecture enables extreme flexibility in how customers acquire storage infrastructure.


Kaminario provides IT organizations the flexibility to align storage infrastructure costs to their business model.  Our consumption-based licensing can be packaged as CAPEX, OPEX, or as a service – depending on the priorities of our customers’ businesses.  Whatever the model, Kaminario’s software-based approach leads the industry in cost efficiency.

All-In Pricing

The Kaminario software platform includes 3 software technologies: VisionOS, Clarity, and Flex.  We believe in simple, transparent pricing.  Customers receive full access to all features in all three products.


“Excellent Value, Reliability, and Simplicity"

Industry: Communications
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: 30B+ USD