Data Plane Virtualization

Decouple data from infrastructure to deliver a consistent experience on any cloud

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What is Data Plane Virtualization?

Data Plane Virtualization is a unique platform that enables you to easily and cost-efficiently move mission-critical data between public and private clouds, as needed, without lengthy and risky rearchitecting or refactoring of your application stack. Kaminario’s platform ensures business agility and reduces risks by providing an on-demand ability to increase application performance.

How Do We Do This?

Kaminario makes this possible by packaging business-critical data and data services within a virtualized construct called Data Pods. Kaminario Data Pods are completely decoupled from underlying infrastructure, providing native mobility between private and public clouds. By empowering enterprise-class data services and orchestration, Kaminario Data Pods eliminate the need for box-centric technologies and the requirement to completely refactor environments to fit the public cloud.

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Data Pods in the Public Cloud

With the boundaries between private and public cloud blurring, Kaminario offers the capability to implement Kaminario software instances on major public cloud platforms, including AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure.

Data Pods in the Private Cloud

Kaminario delivers a true shared services experience running on private cloud infrastructure. Kaminario offers the capability to implement Kaminario software instances on infrastructures that support FC, iSCSI and NVMEoF connectivity.