Data Plane Virtualization

Kaminario Data Plane Virtualization Platform

The Kaminario platform is built on three tightly integrated software families that decouple the delivery of enterprise-class data services from infrastructure within a highly automated framework. Data Plane Virtualization is a new paradigm for building cloud-scale datacenter infrastructure that can be deployed on any private or public cloud. Elegant management interfaces and RESTful APIs turn infrastructure into a highly flexible set of microservices.


Resource Virtualization

Kaminario virtualizes underlying infrastructure resources – physical or cloud-based – with data services running on top.  This approach allows implementations to flexibly scale up or scale out depending on needs of application.

Unified Licensing Framework

Leverage highly flexible acquisition models to align your infrastructure expense to your specific business model.  A consumption-based software subscription, independent of underlying infrastructure, better aligns infrastructure costs to the growth of an application.  Software license mobility allows IT organizations to maximize efficiency across all environments – whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Accelerate Performance

Manage dynamic workloads and deliver high performing real-time analytics on production datasets.  Unique adaptive block size algorithms modulate I/O according to application workload.  Optimize resource allocation for container-based application workloads.

Orchestrate and Automate

Build intelligent infrastructure that optimizes itself based on application needs.  Move toward a true autonomous datacenter that can dynamically compose, scale, and optimize itself in real time.  Decouple physical installation and configuration from provisioning and management.

Flexible Acquisition Models

Pre-integrated Appliance

Storage appliance incorporating certified hardware and pre-integrated software

Software Subscription

Consumption-based software license compatible with
certified hardware and public cloud configurations

Utility Infrastructure

Highly flexible, consumption-based hardware and software delivered as usage-based infrastructure utility.

Kaminario as a Service

Fully managed cloud instance delivered as a service for DR, Backup, Dev/Test, and fully orchestrated cloud instance.

Consumption-Based Infrastructure: A Game Changer

Research from Gartner discusses how to best leverage consumption-based infrastructure.  Create cloud-like, elastic economics while retaining direct control over the infrastructure strategy.