Composable Storage for SaaS Companies

5 Reasons SaaS Executives Need to Care about Storage Strategy

The bigger your business, the more complex your data needs

Data storage strategy is the foundation of application performance.  It is the foundation of application user experience, and it drives the economics of your datacenter.  Your storage strategy for the future of your business should not be based on what you did last year.  Kaminario storage as a service for business-critical data can be the foundation of your future storage strategy.

Choose a Storage Strategy that Scales with Your Business

As SaaS businesses scale, their data storage requirements grow in both size and in complexity. Increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand by enabling faster, resilient application performance.  Kaminario’s software composable storage technology simplifies infrastructure scaling with the ability to manage dynamic workloads without impact to performance.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Retaining control of your application performance is key to keeping your business ahead of the competition.  Ensuring your infrastructure is as flexible as public cloud storage while optimized for the specific needs of your business is key to maintaining the agility you need to stay in control as your business evolves.

Kaminario named a visionary in Gartner's inaugural Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage

Case Study

Clearwater Analytics

As a software as a service (SaaS) provider of investment analytics, Clearwater needs predictable storage performance coupled with ease of capacity growth and assurance of rapid disaster recovery. With growing requirements, they were approaching the outside limits of existing systems. Clearwater selected Kaminario to build a next-generation storage infrastructure that could scale with them.