Delivering Private Clouds as a Service

Why Consumption-Based Storage is a Game Changer

Private Cloud as a Service for Business-Critical Apps

With enterprise IT adopting cloud-first strategies, there is increasing demand to deliver managed private clouds for hosting mission critical applications.  Kaminario’s storage as a service platform is designed to build infrastructure with the agility of public cloud and the control of dedicated infrastructure.  This is the ideal platform for building managed storage services or managed application services.

The Power of "Pay as you Grow"

Per Deloitte, more than 90% of surveyed IT executives are championing a move to consumption offerings. Kaminario partnered with Enterprise Strategy Group to put together an economic audit of Kaminario’s consumption based composable data storage platform.

  • Pay-per-use software consumption model
  • Roaming licenses, not tied to specific hardware resources
  • 56% lower TCO compared to similar tradition storage solutions
  • 72% lower TCO compared public cloud solutions

Transform Your Managed Service Offerings

As managed service providers adopt services-based, recurring revenue based business models, Kaminario can be your infrastructure partner.  As a leading provider of data storage solutions to cloud-scale application providers, Kaminario has the experience and network to help you transform your service offerings.

Kaminario named a leader In the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays

Case Study


razorblue has been growing significantly in recent years, having just announced a 38 percent revenue increase in the first half of 2018. Previously it had purchased storage appliances from multiple vendors using the traditional purchasing model. In today’s era of cloud computing and digital consumers, razorblue was looking  for a low-risk, highly-scalable solution for its cloud architecture and decided to migrate to Kaminario solutions.