Composable Storage for Retail and eCommerce Companies

Five Reasons the Retail Executive Needs to Care about Storage Strategy

Manage Online Retail Data with Composable Storage

The ecommerce industry is the most data-intensive business of the digital age. Success depends on fast, flexible, and cost-efficient storage fundamental for consistent, more relevant, and better application performance.  Online retail executives must guide strategic decisions for storage infrastructure that address privacy and regulatory requirements while not compromising on the raw performance needed to stay competitive.

Fast Analytics Drive Functionality

Modern applications rely on the ability to deliver lightning fast real-time analytics.  Your storage strategy must empower both transaction processing and complex data analytics executed in real time.  This capability is fundamental to delivering sophisticated functionality and high quality, personalized UX.  Kaminario’s software composable storage solution uniquely delivers extreme performance under the most dynamic workloads.

Stay Ahead of your Competition

Retaining control of your application performance is key to keeping your business ahead of the competition.  Ensuring your infrastructure is as flexible as public cloud storage while optimized for the specific needs of your business is key to maintaining the agility you need to stay in control as your business evolves.

Kaminario named a visionary in Gartner's inaugural Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage

Case Study


Planning for an IT transformation, SharkNinja was consolidating data centers. Boston would become the primary production site with Montreal converted primarily to DR. China would maintain a minimal footprint, but system performance for China users needed substantial acceleration. The selection of Kaminario’s composable data platform, in conjunction with Riverbed WAN optimization, has provided SharkNinja the system performance they need, with added flexibility and benefits from an advanced data storage architecture.