All Flash Storage for Database Workloads

Ranked in the Top Three by Gartner for All Critical Capabilities Use Cases

Consolidate All Database Workloads On the Same All Flash Storage Infrastructure

Eliminate Excess Scale Infrastructure As Needed Based On Requirements.

Extreme Performance and Security with Cloud-like Economics

White Paper

Achieving SQL Server High Availability with Kaminario

The Kaminario all-flash array is built to support modern workloads that require efficient use of resources, high performance, and flexibility in scale. Virtualized environments, that are used to increase the utilization of servers and increase productivity, are an ideal workload for the Kaminario’s all flash architecture. One such environment is SQL Server deployed via VMware vSphere using ESXi. Kaminario has a unique value proposition for this implementation, and it is recommended that best practices and reference guides are followed in order to maximize capacity and performance efficiencies.


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Zero Chaos Blends Cloud Management and Performance

“We start with revenue objectives and then look for technology that will align. Our company’s growth objectives were focused on increased share of wallet with new departments of existing customers. But complaints around speed and performance had to be resolved first.”

Kenneth Lawrence, Senior Vice President, ZeroChaos