Intelligent Data Storage Analytics

With Kaminario All Flash Storage

Ranked #1 Solid State Array for Analytics by Gartner

Consolidate All Analytics Workloads On the Same Infrastructure

Eliminate Excess. Scale Infrastructure As Needed Based On Requirements.

Extreme Performance and Security with Cloud-like Economics

White Paper

Kaminario Best Practices for SAP HANA

Enterprises in every industry rely on fast access and processing of business-critical information stored in their databases to stay competitive and grow their business. SAP HANA, being one of the most critical enterprise databases, is no different. Slow or unavailable SAP HANA access is business-impacting. The combination of the Kaminario K2 all-flash storage array and SAP HANA allows enterprises to analyze and access its most critical data in a reliable and fast way.


Validated Solutions with Industry Leading Analytics Platforms

Case Study

SharkNinja Increases Analytics Performance by 50%

“Our most notable benefit from Kaminario is that we have no worries about performance. Add scale-up and scale-out, along with capacity and flash guarantees, as well as excellent service; we have peace of mind for the next five years. In IT time, that’s a lot.”

Ian Linderoth, SharkNinja Data Center Manager