Our Vision for Datacenter Agility

Kaminario VisionOS is the software behind the most advanced all-flash storage platform in the industry.

Software-defined Flexibility

VisionOS is Kaminario’s all-flash software-defined architecture and framework for delivering advanced data services.

Architectural Agility

VisionOS is built to run on industry standard hardware delivered in a consumption model that is right for your business

K2 is the industry’s most capable all-flash appliance platform. Leveraging VisionOS and best-of-breed, industry standard hardware, K2 is the backbone of the modern all-flash datacenter.

K2.N delivers the proven capability of VisionOS on a converged NVMe and NVMe over fabric infrastructure.  Built to deliver the performance and scale demanded by cloud-scale applications.

Cloud Fabric is cloud storage software that runs on industry standard hardware.  Cloud Fabric combines the proven capability of VisionOS in a highly flexible as-a-service consumption model.

Ultimate in Data Efficiency

VisionOS is packed full of data reduction technology to deliver the most capacity efficiency out of any storage investment.  Industry leading RAID efficiency, in-line selective de-duplication, highly efficient compression, and thin provisioning all work to maximize data efficiency and maximize economic return.

Performance When it Counts

VisionOS incorporates innovative I/O management algorithms that dynamically respond to changing workloads.  This capability is key to delivering consistently high performance in complex workload environments – including running real time analytics on production databases.

Software-defined Simplicity

Kaminario VisionOS is a 6th generation, enterprise proven all-flash software stack built to run on industry-standard hardware resources. VisionOS is built for simplicity, agility, and extensibility. With no compromises on performance or availability.

Software-Defined Economics

Kaminario partners with industry-leading hardware providers to certify a reference stack of best-of-breed technologies.  The result is a highly reliable, ultra-scalable, extremely capable data storage platform ready to support the needs of modern datacenters.

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