Bring Some Clarity to Your Datacenter

Kaminario Clarity™ brings Intelligent Monitoring, Unprecedented Visibility and Proactive Management to your Datacenter

See it In Action

Intelligent. Predictive. Prescriptive.

Kaminario Clarity is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform that includes a comprehensive set of management and monitoring functionalities, including a unique capability to leverage application-level intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics.

The Brains Behind the Autonomous Datacenter

Clarity’s big data platform analyzes over 150 million call-home data points from around the world each day to drive automation and predictive alerting. Clarity’s advanced analytics engine provides recommendations on preemptive resource optimization and enables whole new approach of managing business and application SLAs.

Multi-System Management

Clarity provides a centralized cloud-based portal for effortless monitoring and management of multiple K2’s from a single pane of glass.

From Realization to Action

Applying machine learning to install base data, Clarity analytics provide insight and advice on optimizing your storage environment.

Automated Case Management

The Clarity Data Hub monitors real-time events to automatically initiate maintenance cases and ensure a seamless support experience.

Storage Support on Cruise Control

Clarity automates support functions, analyzing real-time events and leveraging a dynamic rules engine generate to generate predictive alerts across a wide-range of business critical functions –  from predicting hardware failures to resource optimization.  Support cases are automatically created and tracked through the Clarity Customer Support Portal.

Obsessed with Simplifying Storage Management

Clarity’s secure, cloud-based platform lets you break out of the datacenter and access storage monitoring/management functions from anywhere, through any device. We’re obsessed with making storage management simple, automated and cool!

Todd Carrier

Infrastructure Database Administrator, Clearwater Analytics

“Having a single unified dashboard to monitor all of our storage arrays is invaluable for capacity and performance trend analysis. Kaminario Clarity gives us rich analytical insight in an intuitive and coherent manner.”