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Kaminario Flex makes the autonomous datacenter a reality

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Kaminario Flex

Kaminario Flex is a storage orchestration platform for managing K2.N resources. Dynamically configure K2.N resources through the Flex dashboard, creating virtual private arrays (VPAs).  Scale-up. Scale-out. Scale-in.  Welcome to the era of composable storage.

All-Flash Arrays Need A Modern Architecture

The evolution of storage architectures has failed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic cloud-era applications. The modern data center needs an architecture can that can deliver extreme performance in the most efficient means possible – without creating more complexity. Read Storage Switzerland’s essential guide to the an emerging architecture, Storage 3.0, that delivers on this promise.

The Future is Composable

The composable storage paradigm promises to deliver a new level of agility to the modern datacenter.  It is IDC’s view that the industry is slowly evolving toward composable/disaggregated infrastructures that will eventually encompass all resource types — compute, memory, storage, and networking. This IDC Tech Spotlight examines storage infrastructure composability as enabled by end to end NVMe-over-Fabric (NVMeF) and the benefits that organizations will see from this high-performance networking technology