The Future Is Composable

Its time to unbox your cloud with Kaminario’s composable data platform


Composable Data Platform

Kaminario’s composable data platform is a new paradigm for delivering enterprise class storage services to the modern datacenter.  Unique scale up and out architecture lets you scale performance and capacity independently based on your needs.

Kaminario Flex

Kaminario Flex create the storage industry’s first composable storage platform. Delivering storage orchestration services for next generation data centers based on unified NVMe over fabric mesh architectures.


VisionOS is Kaminario’s all-flash software-defined core architecture and framework for delivering advanced data services.  Engineered to turn industry-standard hardware into world-class storage management resources, VisionOS is the architecture behind K2, K2.N and Cloud Fabric.


Kaminario Clarity is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform that includes a comprehensive set of management and monitoring functionalities, including a unique capability to leverage application-level intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics.