Kaminario K2 Powers VMware Environments

High performance. High scale. Low cost.

Deployment and administration of virtual machines becomes quick and hassle-free when running VMware on the K2. Consolidate mission-critical applications with mixed workloads with no storage tuning whatsoever to achieve consistent and predictable latency. The K2 can easily scale to support performance and capacity requirements for thousands of VMs. Inline data reduction features such as deduplication and compression make the K2 the ideal choice for hosting also VDI deployments of any size. With native array replication that supports SRM, full VAAI support and a vSphere web plug-in, the K2 will be the only storage platform needed
to power any type of VMware environment.

See it in Action

See how the K2 all-flash array supports a VMware VDI environment, while eliminating issues such as boot storms and desktop creation and achieving great capacity savings due to deduplication and compression


Certifications and Downloads

Kaminario is an Elite member of the VMware TAP program and gained several VMware Ready certifications:

The Kaminario K2 Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) can be downloaded from here.

The Kaminario K2 vSphere web plug-in can be downloaded from here.


VMware virtualized workloads can rely on K2 to remove the IO blender effect and to deliver consistent sub-millisecond latency. High and consistent throughput and IOPS allow mixed workloads to reach their full potential with no contention. Native support for VAAI block primitives offload operations from ESXi hosts and accelerate operations.


VMware clusters might grow in time with the number of virtual servers or desktops that require either more capacity, more performance or both. Only the K2 all-flash array can scale both out & up to deliver the most agile storage infrastructure for VMware environments without overprovisioning costs of unnecessary hardware.



Cost Efficiency

K2’s native data reduction features such as inline global deduplication and inline compression have the most impact in virtual environments. With the ability to consolidate entire data sets on the K2, Kaminario is able to offer cost efficiency that is superior to HDD or hybrid based arrays, backed by a guaranteed effective capacity assurance.