Shorten Backup Windows with K2 and NetBackup

Automated Application-consistent Backup with NetBackup and K2 Native Snapshots


The Kaminario K2 all-flash array enables Veritas NetBackup users to automate application-consistent backups for their virtualized and physical environments utilizing K2’s native snapshot capabilities. The K2 delivers consistent high performance and low latency for production environments, enabling frequent backup, recovery and replication workflows. The K2’s agility and easy scaling enrich service availability and business continuity.

The K2 and NetBackup solution provides:

  • Application-consistent backup based on K2 native snapshots
  • Fully integrated with leading virtualized and physical infrastructures, including –
    • VMware vSphere
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Windows Servers
  • Shortened backup times, utilizing the Kaminario VSS hardware provider
  • Automated, fast and easy access to Dev-Test environments, with no performance degradation
  • Capability to restore anywhere


See it in Action

K2’s unique VisionOS scale-up and -out architecture provides the perfect compliment to NetBackup users looking for ways to expedite their backup and recovery operations. Using native DataProtect services from K2, NetBackup users can leverage the incredible speed of all-flash for their applications-consistent snapshot and restore to multiple locations

Check out this demo of Kaminario and NetBackup’s integration for app-consistent backup and recovery. We cover how to configure, create backups/snapshots and run restore functions when running NetBackup integrated with Kaminario’s native snapshots