Kaminario + Splunk

Accelerating Real-Time Intelligence

Splunk Enterprise simplifies analyzing any machine data to deliver operational intelligence to optimize IT, security and business performance. Kaminario K2’s unique architecture supercharges Splunk implementations by boosting performance and enabling faster real-time intelligence from customers’ machine-generated data


What Latency? 

K2 VisionOS provides predictable capacity scalability and low latency, even as the number of Splunk Indexers and volume of machine data increases, by taking advantage of the K2’s scale-up/scale-out capability. Typical Splunk customers running K2 have seen latency remain below 1 millisecond, even at peak times!

Visualize and Monitor Real-Time K2 Logs in Splunk


VisionOS, the K2 all-flash array core software architecture and data services framework, now enables Splunk Enterprise users to produce real-time sophisticated analysis with intuitive dashboards, correlated alerts and reports, based on streamed data from K2 arrays.

Our Customers Agree

Elad Gotfrid

Director of Production IT, eToro

We use Splunk Enterprise to gain performance and operational insights from mission critical applications. Given the demanding nature of Splunk workloads, running it on Kaminario was an obvious choice to accelerate our time to insights. With VisionOS’ advanced data reduction capabilities, Kaminario helps maximize capacity utilization while delivering enterprise-level data services for our Spunk implementation.