Kaminario K2 for SAP HANA

High performance. High scale. High availability.

The Kaminario K2 all-flash array enables customers implementing applications on the SAP HANA data platform to deploy their environment on the most cost-efficient all-flash platform in the industry. The K2 delivers consistent high performance and low latency on shared storage due to mixed workload processing features and the ability to scale-out and scale-up to match SAP HANA’s requirements for performance and capacity

SAP HANA’s hybrid structure for processing transactional and analytical workloads fully in memory in a single database consolidates OLTP (online transaction processing) and OLAP (online analytical processing) to increase performance and reduce TCO (total cost of ownership).  Additionally, SAP HANA provides protection against data loss by saving the data in persistent storage.

Kaminario’s K2 all-flash array combines high performance, cost effective scaling and sophisticated availability using patented adaptive block size and data protection algorithms, enabling SAP HANA deployments to deliver real-time processing and high availability.

Certified for SAP HANA

The Kaminario K2 all-flash array has been certified for operating with SAP HANA. Certification confirms the existence of product features in accordance with SAP procedures.  See details.


The SAP HANA database uses external storage for logs, data savepoints, snapshots and delta merges.  SAP HANA workloads can rely on K2’s high performance and low latency for real-time responsiveness, since transactions cannot complete until they have been captured to persistent storage.


K2’s scale-out and scale-up capabilities enable independent linear growth of capacity and performance according to datacenter needs and specifically  to SAP HANA’s scale-out model.  Kaminario recommends up to 14 SAP HANA nodes for a 4 K-Block configuration.

High Availability

K2 provides a highly available storage complement to SAP HANA’s in-memory processing.  K2’s K-RAID offers very high storage utilization and availability.  K2 provides storage-based snapshots and replication for data protection and to implement SAP HANA failure/failover recovery.  Kaminario’s Assured Availability program delivers 99.999% uptime.