Kaminario K2 Powers Oracle Environments

High performance. High scale. Low cost.

The Kaminario K2 supports Oracle environments with the most cost-efficient all-flash platform in the industry. The K2 delivers consistent high performance and low latency, huge capacity savings on shared storage and the ability to scale-out and scale-up to match specific application requirements for performance and capacity.

Oracle databases can leverage Kaminario’s native compression to free up CPU and licenses on the database servers. Database consolidation is now possible by using K2 as a single storage platform for both OLTP and OLAP workloads that can run concurrently with the speed of flash.

K2’s native snapshots and replication make backup and recovery easy and simple, with no interruption to production workloads, and with the ability to provide instant, lightweight fresh copies of production data to QA, Dev&Test – all within the same K2 all-flash array.


See it in Action

See how Kaminario K2 can help process 15 million rows per second in a Full Table Scan and unlock the power of your Oracle database through its astonishing speed and unique adaptive block size capabilities



Oracle workloads can rely on K2 to remove any IO bottle neck, dramatically reducing transaction response times with consistent sub-millisecond latency. High and consistent throughput enables real-time analytics processing with the ability to support demanding performance service level agreements (SLAs) for multiple environments.


Oracle databases grow overtime – either by size or by the amount of users that require more performance from the storage infrastructure.  The Kaminario K2 all-flash storage array can scale to meet any of these needs without overprovisioning the other. Scale-up for more capacity, scale-out for more performance or do both – according to the business needs.

Cost Efficiency

K2 facilitates database consolidation with no compromises. Deploy databases for any type of production workload alongside real time copies for analytics, QA, Test&Dev – all running concurrantly with high performance and low latency. Save on compression and replication licenses by offloading to K2’s native data services.