Mirantis OpenStack with Kaminario K2

Scalable Storage for Mirantis OpenStack

Kaminario and Mirantis are collaborating to enable integration of Kaminario K2 all-flash arrays with Mirantis OpenStack.
The synergy of the scalable and dynamic nature of the private cloud, with a differentiated storage array that can both scale-out and scale-up, brings value to customers already in the initial deployment of a cloud environment:

  • The Kaminario Fuel Plugin for Cinder enables automatic configuration of one or many Kaminario K2 arrays as iSCSI/FC back-ends
  • Get deployments to run faster in the speed of flash and with the reliability of a true enterprise array that provides native data services such as snapshots and replication
  • Increase the cost savings gained from a private cloud deployment by using the most cost-efficient all-flash array that is able to introduce modern, cost-efficient flash storage media
  • Drive application optimization even further by balancing workload characteristics with regard to performance and data reduction
  • Comprehensive network management for FC and iSCSI fabrics
  • Gain assurances that only the K2 all-flash array can deliver via the Kaminario ForeSight™ program


Kaminario Fuel Plugin

The Kaminario Fuel plugin is an open-source project and can be found on GitHub.

For full documentation and pre-compiled RPMs, please visit the Kaminario Support site.



Workloads generated by a private cloud such as OpenStack vary and result in mixed workloads running concurrently. K2’s adaptive block size algorithm is capable of delivering predictable and consistent performance for any type of workload. With response times of sub-millisecond latency, IOPS and throughput that scale linearly, K2’s unprecedented performance capabilities are unmatched.




One of OpenStack’s virtues is the ability to scale. The Kaminario K2 all-flash storage array matches the scalable and dynamic nature of OpenStack’s private cloud framework with a differentiated scalable architecture that can both scale-out and scale-up to match the real time requirements of the datacenter.


Cost Efficiency

The K2 all-flash array’s cost-efficiency helps drive down operating costs within a private cloud powered by OpenStack. The ability to deploy cost-efficient SSD drives as more capacity is needed, a highly efficient RAID scheme and inline data reduction features make the K2 the most cost-efficient all-flash array for OpenStack environments.