All-flash Storage for Docker Containers

Flexibility containers with persistency & performance of all-flash

Containers are becoming the default application development paradigm for the on-demand enterprise. The Kaminario K2 Flocker plugin, developed in partnership with ClusterHQ, lets Dockerized applications run on a persistent and highly efficient all-flash storage architecture.

Application developers leverage containers to simplify and agility in  bringing software products to market. Kaminario’s K2 all-flash storage extends this agility with self-optimizing, on-demand architecture that can flexibly adopt to the needs of an evolving business, without compromising on resiliency and availability.

Run Docker applications on Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array

The Kaminario K2 Flocker plugin allows data volumes contained on a K2 array to map to every node in a Docker cluster. The Flocker agent, developed by ClusterHQ, creates and mounts storage volumes on the K2 to individual containers.

The open source plugin provides a high level set of storage management features such as discovery, inventory management, storage provisioning/de-provisioning and monitoring. This allows any application running on Docker containers to leverage intelligent features of the K2 including data reduction, native replication for disaster recovery, K-RAIDTM, and global metadata management.

Kaminario’s K-Assured program makes the deployment of Dockerized applications on the K2 platform a no-brainer with assurances on effective capacity, high availability, consistent performance, perpetual scale, fixed maintenance costs and perpetual SSD life.

See it in Action

Watch and listen as Matan Avi-Tal, Senior Solutions Engineer at Kaminario, walks you through how the Kaminario K2 Flocker plugin can be used to provide persistent storage to your Docker applications.


Consistently high performance for containerized environments delivering better application UX


Extends the flexibility and portability of containers with agile, all-flash storage infrastructure

Cost Efficiency

Industry leading all-flash capacity efficiency for containerized applications