Cisco and Kaminario K2

Private Cloud – Powered by Cisco and Kaminario

The benefits of private cloud start with challenges. Enterprise IT needs simplicity, agility, and power. IT architecture must be scalable and cost efficient. High-performance data storage and computing are essential. Together, Cisco’s Unified Computing SystemTM and Kaminario’s all-flash storage provide the essential building blocks for virtualized cloud infrastructures.

Sustained double-digit increases in data growth, IP traffic and compute demand continue to strain declining IT budgets. As enterprises look to reduce data center spend and footprint, they are turning to solutions that can handle dense cloud server environments and highly scalable shared storage. Cisco and Kaminario cost effectively combine to provide that essential foundation without compromising on performance.


UCS blade servers adapt performance to application demands. The processors deliver extreme database performance and the system’s unified fabric delivers throughput and low-latency characteristics required of all messaging traffic.

A unique software-defined scale-out architecture combined with selective global deduplication and adaptive block size powers the Kaminario K2’s exceptional all-flash performance that smoothly handles simultaneous mixed workloads. It easily combines transaction processing and analytics workloads onto a single array.

Cost Efficiency

The high level of performance and functional integration in UCS lower capital cost, while the single pane of glass provided by Cisco’s management tools lowers operational costs.

Every element of the K2 design is optimized to balance costs with value and functionality. Customers can start small and grow with all benefits and capabilities included at every step. Added operational savings include reduced energy consumption and larger storage capacity in a smaller data center space.


The Cisco Unified Computing System represents a radical simplification to the way that servers and networks are deployed, with fewer switches, cables, adapters, and management points, to reduce cost, complexity, power, and cooling overhead. Cisco UCS’s  embedded, end-to-end management system results in greater operational simplicity.

The K2 All-Flash storage array simplifies the user experience by automatically executing. RAID optimization, performance tuning, data distribution, monitoring, and capacity management.