Beyond the Storage Box – Software Defined Storage


In March we published the What’s Beyond the Storage Box blog. We talked about the move to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the opportunity for MSPs to create customized solutions for their customers.  This blog introduces a whitepaper that dives into how MSPs need to architect storage resources with their datacenters in order to be flexible and meet the ever evolving customer needs.

By 2021, MSPs are expected to deliver approximately $1 Trillion worth of IT products and services consumed by SMBs and large enterprises globally. Cloud storage solutions will play a key role in this, and thus far MSPs have found that not all storage solutions are alike or up to expectations. The storage solution of choice for MSPs need to ensure low cost of storage, deliver robust data services, and achieve end customers’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The whitepaper provides details on the need for MSPs to focus on:

Traditional enterprise storage systems offer a number of problems for cloud-scale environments. Primarily, enterprise storage systems are intended to serve the needs of a single business willing to purchase the equipment at a large capital expense (CAPEX) and manage it at a moderate operating expense (OPEX). In addition, enterprise storage systems require frequent updates, annual upgrades, and complete forklift replacements every 3 to 5 years. This inflexible business model is incompatible with managed service providers.

Kaminario has architected a software-defined platform that bridges the gap between traditional enterprise storage and the requirements for MSPs moving forward.

  • Intelligence: Intelligent monitoring, unprecedented visibility, and proactive management for datacenters

  • Composable: Automated and integrated orchestration of datacenter resources as needed to support application requirements

  • Agile: Generation agnostic software-defined flexibility that delivers high performance, resiliency, rich data services and RESTful API integration

Please follow this link to download the eBook.



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