What’s Next for Storage? What’s Next for Kaminario?

2016 was a transformational year for the technology industry. Many of the technologies that we talked about as ‘vision’ a couple of years back, became reality – from self-driving cars to all-flash data centers.

Last year was also transformational for Kaminario. We transitioned from start-up mode to growth phase, expanded our global footprint and partner eco-system, significantly increased our customer base and hired exceptional talent to help us scale.

                       Kaminario Raises $75 Million in Funding to Fuel Growth and Innovation

We are entering 2017 with tremendous momentum, along with $75 million in new funding which we will use to accelerate growth, expand our partner ecosystem and boost technology innovation.

A Look Back.
As I reflect on the past several years, I am proud to be working with this incredible consortium of investors, engineers, technologists and professionals – people who have made this journey with me since we launched the company in 2008. It’s humbling.

I am also grateful to our customers and partners for betting their business on our innovative technology and allowing us to support their company.

Growing a company is a team sport – with ups and downs, spills and thrills. We’ve also made bets along the way. Luckily, we have been right more often than wrong.

In 2010 we reinvented Kaminario and redesigned our technology from an in-memory appliance focused on speed, to an all-flash storage solution for today’s on-demand applications. Looking at the incredible growth predictions in all-flash arrays and our success in growing the business, we clearly made the right choice.

Two years ago, we made another strategic decision to invest in our go-to-market capability. With support from our investors, we’ve successfully attracted top sales and marketing talent, while building out our executive bench strength.

The result? Two years of tremendous growth.

Yes, we are strongly positioned in the industry. Yet, this is only the beginning and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

What’s Next for Storage?
The technology landscape is transforming. Enterprise cloud strategies are focused on SaaS adoption and building private or hybrid cloud infrastructures to power a new wave of on-demand applications.

As SaaS grows at the expense of on-premises hosting of enterprise applications, the buyer of datacenter infrastructure is shifting. SaaS providers have a different set of concerns and objectives than an enterprise IT organization. They are building infrastructures optimized for user experience, scalability, and cost efficiency over time. They are deploying real-time analytics on massive databases. They are hyper-focused on simplicity, agility, and predictability.

Within the enterprise, IT organizations are turning toward private and hybrid cloud infrastructures to manage new on-demand applications. IT is truly moving toward an IT-as-a-Service model based on the same kind of agile infrastructure that SaaS companies are leveraging.

With these shifts, more companies will be looking to adopt storage solutions that can scale with their business, on-demand, without interruptions.

What’s Next for Kaminario?
Over the coming months, we will continue to grow the company and accelerate our technology innovation to boost our competitive edge.

How? Let me elaborate.

First, we have and will continue delivering exceptional support to our customers, as well as partner with them to ensure their business success. At Kaminario, we understand the strategic role storage plays in the world of on-demand applications. It is the backbone of modern applications vs. a piece of equipment that needs to be refreshed every three years.

Second, as a channel-first company, we will continue to partner with our growing network of technology solution providers to accelerate growth and enter new markets and new regions.

Third, continue to strengthen our platform and accelerate innovation. Kaminario K2 was built from the ground-up for flash, with the agility, scalability, cost efficiency and performance to support today’s everything-as-a-service world. In addition, our software defined, built-for-flash architecture can easily adopt the latest commodity hardware advances. This is our competitive edge and we’ll continue to build on it.

Finally, we will continue to nurture our people and fuel their passion for life and technology. We live in a fast-paced world and I encourage everyone to be the best they can be, stay healthy and enjoy time with family and hobbies.

And they do. Just check out this video.

That’s my resolution for 2017. What’s yours?
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